Locking Systems International Inc

Specialty Locks

Abloy Cabinet/Boat Lock is a unique new design in high security protection for cabinet and marine applications. Once unlockedAbloy CL729 the key is no longer needed to operate the lock. This lock is constructed of corrosion resistant materials used for the internal mechanism making htis a great lock for the marine enviroment.

  • Lock operates without key
  • Key is needed only when initally locking or unlocking the cabinet
  • Can be keyed to operate with cam locks and padlocks, creating a high security systemAbloy CL729
  • Corrosion resistant internal mechanism
  • Suitable for marine applications
  • A wide range of locking cams can be used



Cobra Tool Operated Locks can secure many different types of devices. Each are 1/4 turn operation and can accept many different types of locking cams. Can be operated by a simple screwdriver or even a quarter.Tool Operated Lock

  • Zinc die cast housing with bright chrome finish
  • Ball and spring positive detent
  • Mounts into standard 3/4" hole with hex nut



Desk-LockDesk Locks come in many different types, sizes and finishes for most wood and steel desks and cabinets. These locks can be keyed alike or keyed different.

  • Flat keyway design (keyed alike or keyed different)
  • Different types of finishes to match the color of the desk or cabinet
  • Key removable in open and locked position


Glass Door Lock

Glass door locks provide security for glass style display doors that slide. These locks are available in either the standard lock cylinder or the high security lock cylinder.

  • Available flat keyway or high security design
  • Anti-spread housing with two one way bars
  • Key comes out in the 12 and 3 position