Locking Systems International Inc

Cam Lock Protection

Cam Lock Dust Cover

Cam Lock Dust CoverDesigned to go over and cover the face of cam locks. This prevents dirt, dust, moisture and other foreign material from entering the front of the cam lock. The internal mechanisms will remain clean and operational. Our dust cover is available in black only. The open end fits over the cam lock and is secured by the mounting nut.

  • Designed to protect cam lock mechanisms
  • Available in black plastic
  • Keeps dirt and moisture out of the lock face.
  • Has tab for easy opening
  • Purchase cam lock covers on-line


Cam Lock O-Rings

Cam Lock O-RingsOur cam lock o-rings are designed to go over the cam lock, then get secured by the mounting nut. The tightening of the mounting nut will expand the o-rings sealing the mounting hole. This will prevent water or other liquids from entering the equipment through the mounting hole.

  • Designed to fit all cam locks
  • Prevents water intrusion into the equipment.
  • Sealed the cam lock mounting hole
  • Purchase cam lock o-rings on-line