Locking Systems International Inc

Cargo Locks

King Pin LockOur King Pin Lock secures the trailer to prevent cab hook up. This locking device is made of solid steel and is supplied with a high security Abloy lock cylinder.

  • Secures the trailer to prevent cab hook up
  • Solid steel construction, supplied with an Abloy High Security Lock Cylinder


Air Brake LockOur Air Brake Valve-Knob Lock will lock the dash air brake valves to secure set air brakes. This will fit most screw off knobs.

  • Locks the dash air brake valves with 3" centers
  • Secures set air brakes


Glad Hand LockOur Glad Hand Cuff Locks will secure the air line between the cab and the trailer and this comes in either plastic or steel construction.

  • Secures air lines between cab and the trailer
  • Steel or plastic construction
  • Can be keyed alike or keyed different


Gear Down LockOur Gear Down Lock will prevent the raising of the landing gears, constructed of solid spring steel and comes with a hardened steel Cobra Universal PUCK Padlock.

  • Makes the gear down handle inoperable preventing the raising of the landing gears.
  • Heavy spring steel construction


Porta-Bolt LockThe PortaBolt locking device will secure trailers and containers using a hardened steel alloy bar together with our patented Universal PUCK Padlock.


Roll-Bolt LockThe RollBolt Locking Device will secure roll up doors used on the back of trailers and/or trucks. Constructed of hardened steel with a hardened steel deadbolt.