Locking Systems International Inc

Chit Boxes & Panels

Chit Vault

Chit VaultThe Chit-key Vault stores keys safely using a unique key/lock configuration. The vault door opens with a user key that is inserted and trapped into a lock inside the vault. Each vault comes with Tamper-Evident Tags

  • Remove a key to use a key
  • Serialized tamper-evident key tags used for tracking
  • Key vault is equipped with a high security lock
  • Tamper-Proof Key Rings¬†are available for tracking

Multi-Chit Panel

Multi-Chit PanelThe Multi-Chit Panel uses a unique key/lock configuration that reveals who has a missing key with the use of identifying key tags. Two locks work together creating a unique and innovative product.

  • Tamper evident key tags are included for key tracking
  • Key tags can hold multiple keys.
  • Multi-Chit INFO Sheet

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