Contract Manufacturing

Locking Systems International Inc can design and manufacture not only locks and locking systems; we can also design and manufacture a wide range of products utilizing steel, stainless steel, zinc alloy, die-cast zinc, steel injection, plastic injection and more.

We can provide "Just-in-Time" delivery and are capable of warehousing and shipping to multiple locations, as well as controlling your manufacturing inventory.

Below, we have assembled some photos of custom products that we have manufactured for our clients.

Please call 800.657.5625 to discuss some of your manufacturing outsourcing.

Amusement Puck Hasp
Glass Door Locks
Hasp for the Amusement Industry
Lock for Glass Showcase Door
Gas Pump Cover
Lock Housing
Cover for Gas Station Pump
Lock Housing
Screen Lock
Custom Screen Lock
IS Rings
Custom Hasp Assembly
ID Rings
Door Latch
Custom Latch