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Electronic Door Access

Abloy Protec CLIQ

Arrow-Protec-Electronic-LockThe Abloy Protec CLIQ is a new lock technology that brings together and integrates the very best of electronics and mechanics.  It allows you to use a truly intelligent key system for the first time.  This means that you can lock your door knowing that no unauthorized person can open it.  You are able to easily change the access rights to that door, or any door within your system.

No external wiring is needed to install and use the Protec CLIQ. All the micro-electronics are in the lock and the key. All power to open the lock is supplied by the key. All Protec CLIQ keys have double encoding: mechanical coding on the blade of the key and electronic coding on a chip in the bow.  The key blanks are protected by patents and the electronic code is protected by strong DES encryption.  This combination provides high mechanical security, as well as maximum electronic security. Inside each cylinder, is another chip, corresponding to the chip in the key, with the sole function of only giving access to keys with the right electronic code.

  • Combine Protec electronic locks with Protec mechanical locks using the SAME key.
  • Protec CLIQ INFo sheet

Nexgen XT SFIC Electronic  Door LockNexgen XT Door Locks

The Nexgen XT is a retrofit to replace mechanical SFIC lock cylinders in all SFIC housings. No need to hard wire as the Nexgen XT key supplies all power through the rechargeable key. Software can provide access control and audit capabilities through both the cylinder and the key. Web programming allows for flexible system management and cell phone communications is available to program the key remotely.

  • Replaces all standard SFIC lock cylinders
  • K-in-K, Rim and Mortice cylinders are available
  • No hard wiring needed
  • Key supplies all the power to lock and unlock the cylinder
  • Fits all standard SFIC door hardware
  • Nexgen SFIC INFO Sheet

Master Lock Electronic Deadbolt LockMaster Lock Electronic Deadbolt Lock

The Master Lock Deadbolt Lock is an ANSI Grade 2 deadbolt lock designed for exterior applications. Comes with the Master Lock Antibacterial Silver Bonded Finish™. Operates on 4 AAA batteries therefore no hard wiring is needed. The Lock also has a mechanical key override.