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Retractable Key Rings

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The Original series Key-Bak provides extreme durability and strength. Available in either a stainless steel chain or a Kevlar cord, each extends for reach and then retracts automatically so your keys or other items will stay with you and secure.

The made in the USA product comes with a Lifetime Service Warranty, it is light weight and pocket sized. Available in 24", 36" and 48" chains or cords. Key-Bak INFO Sheet

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Super 48 Key-BakSuper 48 Series

This is a High Security self retracting key chain that comes with an exclusive Kevlar cord for smooth and fast "Quick-Draw" extension. Comes with a convertible belt clip/belt loop back attachment.

Made in the USA, this product is corrosion resistant and backed by a Lifetime Service Warranty. Available in either a 36" or 48" cord length. Super 48 Key-Bak INFO Sheet

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Mid 6 Key-BakMID 6 Retractor Series

This series is smaller than the Original series and features a swivel clip or carbineer that provides more flexibility.

Made in the USA this product has a 1 3/4" diameter case and a 36" polyester cord. It comes with a Lifetime Service Warranty and multiple end options. MID 6 Key-Bal INFO Sheet

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Carabineer Key-BakRetractable Carabineers

The retractors are designed to keep almost anything secured to your body, Items such as radios, flashlights, GPS units and small tools can be secured and handy.

Made in USA this product allows for multiple end fittings and are available in a 24" stainless steel cord, 36" nylon cord, 36" Kevlar cord and a 48" Kevlar cord. Carabineer Key-Bak INFO Sheet

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