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Master Padlocks

Master Laminated PadlockLaminated Master Padlocks

The Master Laminated Padlocks are constructed of reinforced laminated steel plates stacked together to form the lock body. The shackles are hardened steel and come in many different sizes as does the lock body. For additional information and to Purchase On-Line go to our ecommerce web site LSIDepot.com

  • Available in body sizes from 1-1/8" to 2-1/2"
  • Shackle clearance from 9/16" to 1-1/2"
  • Reinforced laminated bodies
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Master Pro PadlockMaster Lock Pro Series Padlocks

The Master Pro Series Padlocks are constructed of solid steel and come with hardened steel and boron shackles. They come with a dual deadbolt locking mechanism and use 5-pin lock cylinders to resist picking and to provide for re-keying.

  • Heavy duty steel bodies
  • Hardened steel and boron shackles
  • Dual deadbolt locking mechanism
  • MAster Lock Pro Series Padlocks--Buy On-Line

Master Titanium PadlockMaster Lock Titanium Series Padlocks

The Master Titanium Series Padlock offers protected shackles and a sleek design allowing clearance for tight applications. The shackle slides down into the body when in the open position. There is a sliding door that protects the keyway. The protected shackle is very difficult to cut or attack.

  • Front keyway access with sliding cover to keep dirt out
  • Easy to apply and remove in tight applications
  • Protected shackle resists cutting and other attacks
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Master Steel PadlocksMaster Lock Solid Steel Padlocks

The Master Solid Steel Padlocks are constructed of Solid Steel and come with hardened steel shackles. Some models have solid steel shackle guards for added protection. These shackle guards are an extension of the padlock body that extend up to protect the shackles.

  • Body sizes from 1 9/16" to 1 3/4"
  • Solid steel bodies with hardened shackles
  • Shackle guards on some models
  • Master Lock Solid Steel Padlocks

Master Safety Lockout PadlocksMaster Lock Safety Lockout Padlocks

The Master Safety Lockout Padlocks provide OSHA lockout protection with many different colors available. Key retaining ensures a safe relock.

  • OSHA lockout compliance
  • Constructed of lightweight Xenoy
  • 8 different colors available
  • Key retaining ensures a relock
  • Master Lock Safety Lockout Padlocks--Buy On-Line