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Push Button Locks

CL1200 Puch Button LockThe CL1200 Cabinet Lock is an electronic replacement lock for mechanical Cam Locks used on lockers, medical carts, cabinets, medical cabinets and many more applications where electronic security is preferred over mechanical security.

The CL1200 features easy mode programming with Master, Sub-Master and User codes. Power is supplied by 2 AAA Batteries. In case of battery failure the CL1200 has a battery override on the outside that is powered by a 9 volt battery.

It comes supplied with 4 cam spindles which determine the door thickness for the installation of the CL1200. The CL1200 will fit metal or wood doors from less than 1/4" (6mm) to over 1" (25mm) using one of the two cam spindles supplied and one of the two locking cams supplied.

The CL1200 is secured to the door by two mounting screws (top and bottom) and are positioned using the supplied installation template.

  • Master, Sub-Master and User Codes
  • 50,000 operations
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries
  • Battery failure override by using an external 9 volt battery
  • Repeat code mode
  • One time user code for either rental or locker mode.
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  • CL1200 Caninet Lock INFO Sheet

CL1000 Push Button LockThe CL1000 Cabinet Lock is designed to replace mechanical cam locks or can be used in new applications in schools, hospitals, hotels, nurseries and safes.

The CL1000 can used used on cabinets, lockers, medical carts, gun cabinets, safes and many other applications.

The CL100 can be opened 15,000 times on 2 AAA batteries, it comes with a 10 button keypad and has a silver grey finish. This electronic cabinet lock can be mounted either vertical (standard) or optional Horizontal mount.

The CL1000 comes in four sizes to fit 4 different door sizes.

  • CL1004 = Fits doors up to 1/4"
  • CL1005 = Fits doors up to 1/2"
  • CL1006 = Fits doors up to 3/4"
  • CL1007 = Fits doors up to 1"
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Mechanical Push Button LocksCL300 Puch Button Lock

The CL300 Series is a 13 push button mechanical lock that is designed to retrofit over an existing 2-1/8" door prep. It can be used to replace a standard mechanical door lock or in a new installation. The CL300 is designed with over 80,000 possible combinations that can be easily changed. They come in either latchbolt or deadbolt. The CL300 key override has a 6-pin lock cylinder and comes with 2 keys.

  • CL310L = Deadbolt design
  • CL355K = Latchbolt design
  • CL390K = Code In/ Code Out design (Keypad on both sides)
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Electronic Push Button LocksCL4000 Push Button Lock

The CL4000 Electronic Push Button Lock is designed to fit on standard wood or steel doors. There is a special designed CL4000GD that is designed to fit on glass doors. The CL4000 allows up to 80 user codes up to 6-digits long. The CL4000 is designed for 200,000 operations from 4-AA batteries. Programming is allowed on the door and has anti-tamper features, one time user codes and option for locked/unlocked LED indicator.

  • CLI4210 = Wood and Steel Doors
  • CLI4000GD = Glass Doors
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CL5000 Push Button Lock

The CL5000 Electronic Push Button Lock is designed for heavy duty use and has a grade 2 ANSI certification. The CL5000 has an easy to use 3x4 standard keypad and 200,000 operations using 4-AA batteries. The CL5000 fits right or left hung doors and has latch options of 2-3/8" or 2-1/2". It can fit into doors with a thickness of 1-3/8" to 2-3/4".

The CL5000 has a standard 6-Pin lock cylinder and optional SFIC.

  • CLI5210 = Standard operation with one keypad
  • CLI5210BB = Optional dual keypads for entry and exit
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