Locking Systems International Inc

Switch Locks

Cobra Switch Lock Flat KeyFlat Key Style Switch Locks provide a variety of functions in an economical package. They are available in either solder, clip on or pin switch leads. Custom design and manufacturing capabilities are available. We can design many different types and styles of switch locks.

  • Available in the popular 2341 key code
  • Medium security switch lock with a variety of functions
  • Can be keyed alike or keyed different


Medeco Switch LockThe Medeco High Security Switch Locks provide switching functions with a high security virtually pick proof lock. Functions can be maintained or momentary contact in both SPDT or DPDT.

  • High security lock cylinder can be keyed alike or keyed different
  • Single or double switch
  • Medeco Switch Locks


Cobta Tubular Switch LockThe Cobra Switch Locks are a tubular design with added security features. The lock can be keyed different, keyed alike or master keyed. We can design and manufacture tubular switch locks to your specifications.

  • Switch lock comes in a variety of switch functions
  • Available with solder or spade switch wire leads