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Vending Locks

Cobra C3 Vending Lock

Cobra C3 High Security Cam Lock has extreme picking resistance, limited key blank access and over 250 million key code combinations available. Each Cobra C3 lock has 10+ combination locking plates each containing multiple anti picking grooves. The locking plates align with a sidebar to keep the inner cylinder engaged with the shell in the locked position. C3 locks have a Symmetrical key that will work in either direction, making this a very user friendly lock.

Cobra SideWinder Vending Locks

  • Available with or without Dust Cover
  • Over 250 Million Key Codes
  • Anti-Drill Front Plate
  • Symmetricial Key which will work in either direction
  • Patented Protection
  • Tightly controlled key blanks
  • High Security at very Affordable Prices
  • Cobra SideWinder Vending Lock



The CobraMatic 7 Vending Locks provide additional security over traditional tubular locks by utilizing our patented 7-sided key and matching lock front design. The key and lock front will match allowing the lock to function. This lock also features 8 user changeable lock codes, the end user can change as needed. Each code is re-usable. Also available in our standard keyway. To see how easy it is to change the lock code on our CobraMatic 7----Click HERE to go to our You-Tube Channel. CobraMatic Vending Lock

  • 7-Sided lock front and key for added security
  • Anti-Drill dimple on the lock front for drill protection
  • 8-lock code changes to any one of eight positions
  • Spring bolt locking system
  • Patented Protection
  • CobraMatic 7 Vending Lock--Buy On-Line
  • CobraMatic 7 Vending Lock INFO Sheet


Cobra 7 Vending Lock

The Cobra7 Vending Locks is a higher security replacement cylinder for the traditional tubular locks. By using our patented 7- sided design we can increase the security of the traditional locks. We add an anti-drill dimple to provide drill protection. Also available in our standard keyway.Cobra7 Vending Lock

  • 7- sided lock front and key for added security
  • Anti-Drill dimple on the lock front for drill protection
  • Spring bolt locking system
  • Patented Protection
  • Cobra 7 Vending Lock--Purchase On-Line
  • Cobra Vending Lock INFO Sheet


Medeco Vending Lock

The Medeco Vending Locks are High Security locks that are designed to enhance the security by providing both physical security as well as key control. These locks are now available in the new M3 lock cylinders and are virtually pick-proof. Medeco High Security Vending Lock

  • Designed to fit all NAMA standard "T-Handles"
  • Patented Protection with new M3 Keyway
  • Provides extreme key control
  • Medeco Vending Lock--Purchase On-Line
  • Medeco Vending Lock INFO Sheet



Abloy Vending Lock

The Abloy Vending Locks provide maximum protection from picking and physical attacks by using Abloy's locking discs in a hardened steel body. Designed to NAMA standards, it will fit most T-Handles. Now available in the new Sentry keyway.Abloy Maximium Security Vending Lock